Xeodrifter: an excellent, affordable Metroidvania

This Metroidvania is minimal in every way, but manages to deliver a great gameplay experience by focussing on the essentials.

The ‘overworld’ screen allows travel between the four settings, although the order in which you’ll do everything is relatively fixed.
This snail is one of a handful of regular, trickier enemies.
Another slightly trickier enemy, but it can’t really cope with you ducking …
The boss is much more of a challenge. Curiously, I found its first appearance trickier than any of the other times we met to do battle.
This screen packs in an awful lot of info, but it explains very little of it!
Another layer of gameplay beckons in the background — this mechanic is possibly the highlight of the game.



Technologist & writer, Bobby is currently working on several projects including a management dashboard for static websites and an education portal. bobbyjack.me

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