The Indie News on 9th October 2020

A quick roundup of indie stuff that happened today

The Survivalists

Strategy survival game The Survivalists — follow-up to The Escapists —launched today on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and iOS (phew!). Early responses were mixed with criticisms of the combat and controls, although some heaped praise on the graphics and monkey-based mechanics.


Indie Gamer Chick continued her series of NES reviews, currently covering Homebrew games — many of which are released on actual physical NES carts, would you believe? Project Blue looks like it’s the standout game.

Star Shaman

VR combat game Star Shaman looks like a weird cross between Ring Fit Adventure and … I-don’t-know-what, Fruit Ninja with planets?! Anyway, this trailer just dropped and the game’s out later this month if you fancy doing whatever she’s doing, and you have a Windows PC setup that can handle it.

World Soccer Strikers ’91

Looking like a sort of claustrophobic subbuteo-style take on the retro football (football) genre, World Soccer Strikers ’91 was reasonably well received by The Indie Game Website — it launched in Early Access on Steam for Windows today.

Thomas Was Alone

Finally, Mike Bithell casually dropped this announcement that indie darling Thomas Was Alone will be coming to Nintendo Switch in the next few months. Undoubtedly the best news involving a bunch of rectangles that we’ll hear today.

Technologist & writer, Bobby is currently working on several projects including a management dashboard for static websites and an education portal.

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