Super Mario 3D All Stars Roundup

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Here’s a quick selection of some of the best content talking about one of the hottest releases of the year: Super Mario 3D All Stars.


My own review for Switch Player was aimed at players new to any of these games, whilst Chris Scullion’s Nintendo Life review took the complete opposite approach, delving into the technical differences between these versions and their originals.

Luke Hemming wrote a gushing review for Cubed3 which conveys his unbridled love for the offering, but this Critical Hit review, written by Brad Long, was a rare example of dissent which wondered just how important a 35th anniversary is anyway.


Vicente Borrell’s My thoughts on Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a good summary of the pros and cons of the collection.

In Not So Super, Mario, Bobby wrote about the all-important problem of accessibility and why Nintendo has failed in that regard again. A huge disappointment.

PsuedoLewis thought (last week, anyway) that the series doesn’t need a full remake, whilst Dmac Mad Gaming has a concise summary of those aspects that have made some fans “mad”.


Chris Scullion’s The REAL history of Super Mario games takes an irreverent look at the entire Super Mario series. Meanwhile, Nintendad has so much 3D All-Stars content, it’s had to create a series for it all of its own.


Finally, if you’re not already feeling nostalgic enough, why not revisit original reviews from when these games were first released: Super Mario Galaxy by Aaron Linde for Destructoid, Super Mario Sunshine by Tom Bramwell for Eurogamer, and Super Mario 64 by GameSpot. (Shame on all those sites whose reviews are now 404 graveyards, and on Metacritic for continuing to link to them! Check your links, people!)



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