The complete package from option handling to writing a man page

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  • Components of a command line app including things like a man page, config files, and so on.

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Literate lessons from lockdown life

  • What’s it like working as a freelancer for a startup?
  • How does it feel working remotely for a product launch?

The setup

Quix is a small startup with a very strong team, headed by four McLaren engineers. Their work is, quite frankly, mind-bogglingly complex. They’re fighting the good fight: taking a pile of complicated concepts and technologies…

This Metroidvania is minimal in every way, but manages to deliver a great gameplay experience by focussing on the essentials.

The ‘overworld’ screen allows travel between the four settings, although the order in which you’ll do everything is relatively fixed.

Give readers a smoother journey across your JavaScript-enhanced sites

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A short history of history

The back button is the web’s ‘undo’, practically its killer feature second only to the hyperlink. It’s the availability and simplicity of the back button that allows link-following to be a cheap, non-destructive action. The back button encourages readers to browse more.

A tale of carelessness and stupidity

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A static-site approach to preference management

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Tracing the DNA between a brand new game and a selection of classics

The Survivalists (2020)

The Survivalists is, unsurprisingly, a survival game, but it’s…

Played on Nintendo Switch

It might seem nepotistic, but any game with a character named ‘Bobby’ is already off to a good start in my book.

Spiritfarer is a captivating game with exploration, crafting, and platforming elements, woven around the moving stories of its characters.

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What is JSON-LD?

JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data) is a highly-structured yet flexible data format that can be used to describe web pages, people, and all sorts of types of data available online.

Bobby Jack

Technologist & writer, Bobby is currently working on several projects including a management dashboard for static websites and an education portal.

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